Grassland Groupies



Groups of meerkats are called mobs for a reason. These feisty animals are murderous, even of their own kind.


Ostrich: the world’s biggest bird and toughest survivor. They nest together, have radiators for necks, and can drink saltwater.

Hamadryas baboons cuddle against a dark background.

Baboons: A Grasslands Primate

Baboons are a group of ground-dwelling grasslanders whose habitat use and social structure might help us learn about our own hominid ancestors.

Spotted hyena itching neck and tilting head to side, making a weird face.


Let’s be real: hyenas are savage scavengers and that’s why we love them. They need some good PR, but let’s accept them as they are.

giraffe with tongue stretching out for a snack

African Megafauna

Megafauna once ruled the world. Most of these giants died out millions of years ago, but African megafauna held strong.

turquoise parrot in the grass

Parrots of the Plains

Parrots love grasslands. Not only do some parrots make a living exclusively on the ground in grassland habitats, they’ll hang out in the same palm trees as Burrowing Owls, dig nests into termite mounds, and forage alongside wallabies down in the grass. Let’s talk about the diversity and ecology of grassland parrots.