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Programs and Education

Encounter fascinating ecosystems at your school or workplace. We bring wildlife education to you wherever you meet.

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The Best Biome Podcast

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Meadowlark Farm Field Trips

We have partnered with Meadowlark Farm to provide environmental and agricultural field trip experiences.

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Upcoming Events

We do public lectures, hikes, and other events. In-person events will take place in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding area.

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The Best Biome Podcast

Our biweekly love letter podcast exploring a straightforward thesis: grasslands are the best biome. Find it wherever you get your podcasts.

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Our Mission

Inspiring conservation of grasslands.


Civic engagement, outdoor exploration, science literacy


Curiosity, action, learning, and discovery


Foster and develop bonds between people and their ecosystems.

“The first step in conserving anything is an awareness of the value of its existence. Without getting to know an animal, plant, or person, one can intellectually respect is right to life but one cannot truly feel its worth or know what is required to save it.”
Con Slobodchikoff
"Prairie Dogs"

The Best Biome Pocast

Prairie biologists make the ever-growing argument for why grasslands are the world's best biome.

Podchaser - The Best Biome

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Grassland Groupies Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. EIN: 86-2282759
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