Grassland Groupies

Field trips at Meadowlark farm

Grassland Groupies is proud to partner with The Meadowlark Farm of Rose Hill, KS to deliver a unique science education experience. An active orchard, pumpkin patch, and cidery that practices ongoing restoration of native grasslands, The Meadowlark Farm offers an excellent opportunity to learn about science, nature, agriculture and conservation all in one adventure.

What's included:

Our school tours, facilitated by the certified interpreters of Grassland Groupies, consist of:

  • Exciting, inquiry-based outdoor labs that meet the objectives of Next-Generation Science Standards for grades K-12.
  • Naturalist-led hikes across the many Kansas ecosystems on the property
  • First-hand farm experiences, including the chance to explore the orchards and pick your own fruits and vegetables to take home!

Meadowlark Farm’s website.

Pricing and Fees

School Field Trips

Field trips can be scheduled any morning, Tuesday through Friday, and typically last 2 hours. We can host up to 100 kids and their adults at a time.

The program fee is $14/person (with a minimum group price of $140), which includes admission to the farm and picked fruit for each attendee.  One adult per 5 children is admitted for free, but additional adults are welcome to join for the $14 program fee.

Adults and Non-Traditional Groups

We also offer experiences for adults and mixed age groups with a minimum price of $140. Give us a call to find out how we can best host your group.

Note for all attendees:

As these field trips occur outdoors and in the elements, we advise participants to dress accordingly (close-toed shoes, long pants, hats, layers as needed) and bring water, sunscreen, and bug spray.

Students at the farm sweeping insects with canvas nets.
Students collect insects next to a pumpkin patch at Meadowlark Farm.

Contact us to book your experience.

Call or text: 316-512-8933

In your email include:

  • Age/education level of participants
  • Number of participants + chaperones
  • Preferred date/time and a backup date/time