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The Best Biome Podcast

Three prairie biologists make the ever-growing argument for why grasslands are the world’s best biome.

Nicole, Rachel, and Allan discuss the deep evolutionary history of the plains, the intricacies of unique grassland ecosystems, and frequently just lose our minds about  absurdities like ostriches stealing each other’s children.

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Illustrated podcast cover for the best biome, featuring a running Pronghorn and other grassland species.

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Episodes Expounded

See photos, citations, and summaries of the topics featured on our episodes below, including embedded players for each episode.

We are working on getting transcripts for these episodes, so bear with us. We’ll post transcripts on these posts once they’re available.



Groups of meerkats are called mobs for a reason. These feisty animals are murderous, even of their own kind.


Ostrich: the world's biggest bird and toughest survivor. They nest together, have radiators for necks, and can drink saltwater.

Native Gardening

Native gardening is a great way to help the environment as well as show your neighbors you're definitely better than them.

Baboons: A Grasslands Primate

Baboons are a group of ground-dwelling grasslanders whose habitat use and social structure might help us learn about our own hominid ancestors.


These feisty little ecosystem engineers are expert diggers, seek out drugs, and are great models for anxiety.


Bumblebees are excellent pollinators and have surprisingly complex brains.