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From the highway, you see a blanket of grass ever flowing and unchanging. Occasionally, the wind bends the grass like the waves of the ocean. Sound familiar? If you’ve never found a love for grasslands, you’ve probably never hiked in one. Take a step into a grassland and you’ll find birds, bumblebees, antelope, foxes, and a whole rainbow of wildflowers that change with the seasons. Each grass is different in size or shape, and each bird sings a different song as they flit by. The sky stretches to the horizon giving you a magnificent sunset unseen elsewhere.

Grasslands are overlooked and underappreciated. We’re here to change that. These grasses are home to an untold number of plants and animals and they are disappearing fast. Learn their stories and spread the word: grasslands are worthy of your fascination. Grasslands are worth saving.

We’re your grasslands PR team, working to educate ecosystem dynamics for the love of grasslands.

Our Crew

happy smiling Kansan in Brazil's cerrado with a cow
the bird lady

Rachel Roth

Naturalist, artist, and science communicator who studied wildlife management and conservation at K-State University. Loves: hugging landscapes, grasses, birds, and smammals.

Favorite Grassland Animal: Brown-headed Cowbird
Favorite Grassland Plant: Little Bluestem

the bug lady

Nicole Brown

Biology graduate from Wichita State University who went from muddy field technician to teacher of nature (and making others get muddy). Loves: long walks through the prairie, native gardening, and all things creepy-crawly.

Favorite Grassland Animal: Prairie Dog (all five species)
Favorite Grassland Plant: Queen of the Andes

Grassland Groupies supports:

Our Mission

Inspiring conservation of grasslands.


civic engagement, outdoor exploration, and science literacy


curiosity, action, learning, and discovery


foster bonds between people and their grasslands

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