Encounter Grasslands

Our presentations, events, and activities help audiences encounter these diverse ecosystems in new ways. We specialize on working with teens and adults but all ages are welcome with us.

Birds As Poetry, 2020 Black-shouldered Kite in Victoria, Australia


Classroom Presentations

Our middle and high school programming explores biological systems from an ecosystem perspective. You choose the theme, and we’ll bring 2-3 animals to teach that theme to your students.

These programs are designed to enhance your lessons and reinforce biological next generation science standards.

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Animal Ambassadors

Our animal ambassadors hail from grasslands around the world and love demonstrating their natural behaviors during programs. Ready to visit classrooms today:

  • Russian/Steppe Tortoises (Dandy & Lion)
  • Ornate Box Turtle (Lucky)
  • Bearded Dragon (Zuko)
  • Curly Hair Tarantula (Big Mama)
  • Kenyan Sand Boa (Roaring Ravine)
  • Argentine Horned Frog (Jabba)

Events and Classes

Go on a walk with local environmental specialists, enroll in classes, watch livestreams, and more. 

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We speak at professional engagements and facilities of all sorts. Contact us if you’d like one of us to speak at your event. Fees may apply.

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Standard Presentations

We are always developing more programs and will gladly tailor a program to your classroom’s needs. Our animal ambassadors love visiting classrooms to share about their natural history and behaviors.

Pricing: recommended donation of $40 per class (approx. 1 hour). Support our educational mission by making a donation to Grassland Groupies. We believe every student should have equal access and have funds set aside for schools in need.

Speaking Engagements

Choose us as a guest speaker at your organization’s meetings or events. Our expert presentations last 45-60 minutes, and can be tailored to fit your group’s interests. We make in-person and virtual appearances, and donations are graciously accepted.

Outdoor Labs

Have an outdoor space or native plant garden? Looking for something more interactive and involved? We can lead specialized activities with your group onsite to explore topics in ecosystems and native plants. Email Nicole Brown to request an outdoor lab for your students.

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