Grassland Groupies

The Best Biome

Pleistocene Park

The concept behind
Pleistocene Park
is deceptively simple: rewild the Pleistocene Siberian arctic, slow the effects of climate change in the arctic. All it takes to revive the 10,000-year-old Mammoth Steppe, restore permafrost, and seriously reduce carbon and methane emissions–according to scientists–is releasing long-gone megafauna and watching the ecosystem shift under their influence.

A pale mongolian toad with dark splotches. The warts in the splotches are a rusty red.

Mongolian Toad

The Mongolian toad makes living in the arid, freezing, salty steppe-plains of Northeast Asia look way too easy.

Toco Toucan

The Toco Toucan is iconic, but more important is the dynamic part they play in their complex, rich savannas.

a bird with long black neck and long legs and a white wing stands along an edge of grass

Riverine Grasslands

Assam’s tropical riverine grasslands are protected for the tigers, but their flagship is a turkey-sized bird: the Bengal Florican.

Light brown takhi horse looking into camera.


The Mongolian method of conservation is amazing, and the takhi is the result.

small red plant with many arms coming off in a circle, and at the apex of each branch is a ball of hairs with drops of dew on the tip

Two Truths and a Lie

Test your random animal facts with us as we try to stump one another in this laid-back episode.

The Grasshopper Sparrow

This unassuming little brown bird is an absolute star of American grasslands. Meet the Grasshopper Sparrow and its critically endangered Florida subspecies.

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