Grassland Groupies

The Best Biome

Light brown takhi horse looking into camera.


The Mongolian method of conservation is amazing, and the takhi is the result.

small red plant with many arms coming off in a circle, and at the apex of each branch is a ball of hairs with drops of dew on the tip

Two Truths and a Lie

Test your random animal facts with us as we try to stump one another in this laid-back episode.

The Grasshopper Sparrow

This unassuming little brown bird is an absolute star of American grasslands. Meet the Grasshopper Sparrow and its critically endangered Florida subspecies.


Dunnarts are amazing mouse-like marsupials with fat tails and big smiles.


Tumbleweeds are fascinating plants that you didn’t know you needed to know more about.

penguin peers over grasses

Coastal Tussac and Seabirds

Conserving coastal tussac grasslands of the Falkland Islands is critical, and a team of paleoecologists revealed why seabirds make these grasslands thrive.

giraffe with tongue stretching out for a snack

African Megafauna

Megafauna once ruled the world. Most of these giants died out millions of years ago, but African megafauna held strong.

turquoise parrot in the grass

Parrots of the Plains

Parrots love grasslands. Not only do some parrots make a living exclusively on the ground in grassland habitats, they’ll hang out in the same palm trees as Burrowing Owls, dig nests into termite mounds, and forage alongside wallabies down in the grass. Let’s talk about the diversity and ecology of grassland parrots.

prairie dog munches on threeawn

Prairie Dog Posse

These amazing rodents are landscapers, gardeners, as well as tasty snacks. Integral to our ecosystem, yet in peril, the prairie dog is a misunderstood marvel.