The Best Biome

Patagonian mara laying on side, fully relaxed, at the National Zoo.

Patagonian Maras

Patagonian Maras are a unique rodent with one of the strangest social structures of any mammal.

Spotted hyena itching neck and tilting head to side, making a weird face.


Let’s be real: hyenas are savage scavengers and that’s why we love them. They need some good PR, but let’s accept them as they are.

Tick waving arms at the very top of a leaf.

Diseased Bloodsuckers

Saw-filled mouths, magical spit, and so much more. Ticks are truly marvelous little bloodsuckers.


Dodder: a parasitic cheater, or helpful companion?

Indian Painted Grasshoppers mating on plant.


Grasshoppers may yet save the world… if they don’t destroy it first.

Midwestern Oak Savanna

The U.S. hosts a globally imperiled ecosystem not many recognize: the Oak Savanna. Let’s restore this once ubiquitous, parklike grassland.


The cunning trickster, adaptable to all terrains, foods, and lifestyles. Loved and hated by many.

Pleistocene Park

The concept behind
Pleistocene Park
is deceptively simple: rewild the Pleistocene Siberian arctic, slow the effects of climate change in the arctic. All it takes to revive the 10,000-year-old Mammoth Steppe, restore permafrost, and seriously reduce carbon and methane emissions–according to scientists–is releasing long-gone megafauna and watching the ecosystem shift under their influence.

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