Grassland Groupies


Small, yellow coreopsis flowers with dark brown centers and thin, dark green stems and leaves.

Native Gardening

Native gardening is a great way to help the environment as well as show your neighbors you’re definitely better than them.


These feisty little ecosystem engineers are expert diggers, seek out drugs, and are great models for anxiety.


Dodder: a parasitic cheater, or helpful companion?

Midwestern Oak Savanna

The U.S. hosts a globally imperiled ecosystem not many recognize: the Oak Savanna. Let’s restore this once ubiquitous, parklike grassland.

The Grasshopper Sparrow

This unassuming little brown bird is an absolute star of American grasslands. Meet the Grasshopper Sparrow and its critically endangered Florida subspecies.


Tumbleweeds are fascinating plants that you didn’t know you needed to know more about.

prairie dog munches on threeawn

Prairie Dog Posse

These amazing rodents are landscapers, gardeners, as well as tasty snacks. Integral to our ecosystem, yet in peril, the prairie dog is a misunderstood marvel.